Omarion's more youthful sibling, O'Ryan Omir Browner, has left Twitter in a furor after his naked video was spilled, which he posted on OnlyFans with a membership expense of $12 per month.

The 35-year-old American vocalist and entertainer, who as of late joined the stage, has accumulated 938 preferences across six posts up until this point.

Orion, known for melodies like 'Going Out Your Way' and 'Juss Anotha Shorty', is in a real sense seen with his d**s in the posted video, which immediately earned a great deal of buzz

One client expressed, "I opened my Twitter application and O'Ryan's scimit was on my screen...Only on Twitter blend." 

Someone else, who was anticipating one more post from the artist, tweeted, "Istag!

At the point when I saw O'Rean was beginning One Only Fans, I didn't consider the thought excessively lengthy , however I figured it would be ... .idk something different. 

Another said, "Omg I just saw a video of O'Rean doing a hopping jack butt bare." 

A few group remarked on how the page cost $12 every month to get to their substance and how Twitter came to be their rein. One of them said, "obviously I was going to figure out how to see what O'Rean is posting on Twitter without paying for his main fans, it will continuously be a page that takes one for the group and I say thanks to him Lamau."