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Haweli Part 2 Web Series Watch Online

Haveli web series is officially in the works, and recently the first part was released by Ullu OTT platform and it is getting the web series fans excited. The first part of Haveli web series gives a hint of what is going to happen in the second part.

After the grand success of the recently released haweli first part web series Ullu App has again come up with a new second part haweli web series. Some episodes of this web series 29 march 2024 ullu will be streamed on the app and some episodes will be released in the 5th April 2024.

The haweli web series some episode is available on various social media platforms of ullu app. In this haweli webseries, beautiful actresses like Priyanka Chaurasia ,Saurabh Sewal ,Priya Gamre ,Ritu Sharma and many other actors are seen playing lead roles.

How To Watch Online Haveli WebSeries

  • Step-01: Visit the playstore and ullu official website or download the ullu app on your device.
  • Step-02: Log in with your phone number, or sign up if you are creating a new account.
  • Step-03: Choose your favorite subscription plan
  • Step-04: After completing your payment, you can watch Haveli and all the web series of Ullu.
  • Step-05: Type ‘Haveli’ into the search bar, or click the search button.
  • Step-06: Tap the poster for ‘Haveli’ and then click the ‘Watch Now’ button to start streaming the latest episodes online.


The story of Haveli web series is based on a Haveli who does illegal work in a Haveli. One day a boy and a girl come to the Haveli to stay for a few days. That girl is the owner of that haweli and she doesn’t know that illegal activities are taking place in her haweli. To know whether she finds out further or not, you will have to watch the entire episode of Haveli.

Haweli Web Series Watch Online Full HD On Ullu

Haveli Release Date

The Haveli Web Series first part will be streaming on 29 March 2024 and the second part on 05 April 2024 only on Ullu apps and website.


Here, the popular webseries “Haveli” features a talented cast of members.

  • Priyanka Chaurasia (Ruby)
  • Saurabh Sewal (Anand)
  • Priya Gamre (Bua)
  • Ritu Sharma (Iraa)

Haveli WebSeries Full Details

Check out the all details for the Haveli webseries

Named: Haveli
Season: 01
Part: 01,02
OTT Streaming Platform: Ullu App
Runtime: 20 – 30 Minutes per episode
Language: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English
Type:Web Series
Episodes: 1-8
First Part Release Date: 29th march 2024
Second Part Release Date: 05th April 2024

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